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A non-Wordless Wednesday post just for Nicole ;)

So the other day I was talking to my good friend Nicole, and somehow the subject of my poor, neglected blog was mentioned.  Now, in my defense, the site hasn’t really been neglected, it’s just been almost all Wordless Wednesday posts as far as what you the reader sees.  Jokingly, I tweeted to a friend who was asking what my blog was about that it was a photography blog due to the number of pictures.  If only you could see my dashboard behind the scenes … it is actually about half pictures and half articles, but the articles are all for other sites that I have written for, and only a couple were posted on this site.

Okay, so now it is even at 10 Wordless Wednesdays and 10 with lots of words.  But you wouldn’t know it looking at my site since there are several, including some not listed here that were posted elsewhere.  It is a work in progress.  The other thing I would ask you to consider is the fact that I was sick with bronchitis for almost two months and I could handle putting up a picture, but didn’t exactly have the energy or desire to write a whole heck of a lot. Excuses, I know.

In that respect, I can see that Nicole does in fact have a point.  It isn’t that I haven’t wanted to write, but I feel that I have obligations to other people and I don’t want to let them down, so I put their posts ahead of mine.  Well, now I am going to be a little selfish and work on the homework assignment I was given by my friend and will attempt to increase my efforts to write more frequently.

Until I can work on my storytelling in a more focused environment (ie not at 1am in front of the tv watching the Braves game), I will just do a quick recap of how the year has been so far.  The first weekend in January I ran my second 5K and also brought my dad to WDW for the first time in his life.  Now I wasn’t able to actually get him to go into a park, well, unless you ask him and he claims he did enter the air space of Epcot when we rode the monorail inside the park.  Okay, Dad, technically you were within the confines of the park boundaries, but it still doesn’t count.  He hilariously thought (ask Nicole and she can verify this) that WDW should give out free passes to the parks for a few hours so people can try it out and see if they even like it (I kid you not).  January also brought another, kind of last minute trip to the World over the long MLK weekend.  Both of these trips introduced me to even more friends from around the country, some I knew from online and some were new to me.

The end of January was when I decided to take a road trip that took me through Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina (last minute, pretty much day of travel decision – firefighters factored heavily into this call), and WDW.  I got to meet and visit with so many great friends and even some family time was enjoyable.  I think I will need to reserve a separate post just for this epic trip.

After the road trip, I took a few weeks off from WDW.  Three trips in four weeks will do that to you.  Also, money can tend to be a factor in deciding to stay away from my favorite place.  Princess Half weekend rolled around and so many friends were down both for the races and to go on the WDW Radio cruise on the Dream.  I was very happy to be able to see a bunch of people both that weekend and the following weekend.  On these back to back weekends, I ran my third and fourth 5Ks through Epcot and DHS.  Unfortunately, the last weekend in February was the onset of my bronchitis, which didn’t get diagnosed, primarily due to me not going to the doctor, until the second week in March.  Oops.

Because I like seeing my friends and hanging out in the parks, I made another two trips within the second and third weeks of March.  One was an two day trip, up one day, stayed that night, spent the next day in the parks, and then headed home late the second night.  The other was supposed to be the same thing, but due to the extreme kindness and generosity of friends who allowed me to crash with them, ended up being a five day trip.  This happens occasionally when someone says, hey, why don’t you just stay the night, I’ve got room.  Sure, why not?  One of the blessings/curses of being unemployed.  It is hard to say no when these opportunities cross your path, not that you necessarily want to decline, but prudence should factor in at some point.

After that trip, I wasn’t able to come back to WDW for a month.  This was primarily due to the aforementioned bronchitis.  Although it started on the night of February 26th and truly didn’t completely go away until around April 10th or so, there were good days and bad days.  Some days you could barely tell that I was having trouble.  Others, like the day of the ESPN the Weekend 5K the first Saturday in March, I looked and felt like death warmed over.  None of these bad days compared to those that were to come.  The few days after I got back from the trip over St. Patrick’s Day weekend, I felt worse than I had by a long shot.  I had finished the antibiotics I had been prescribed a few weeks before and dragged myself back into the doctor (super fun given the fact I’m also uninsured – thank you Dad for the assist on the medical bills).  The second round of drugs included a different antibiotic and an inhaler.  Slight improvement for a few days after the doctor gave me steroid shots, then I felt worse.  Went back to the doctor for the third time the following week after those drugs were gone, and got an inhaled steroid and more, stronger steroid pills for a longer period.  The term roid rage was tossed around by my friends more than once.  Gotta love friends.

So, long story short, too late, I’m all better now, physically, well, sort of.  The bronchitis and its ill effects are completely gone.  However, about a week or so after the shots, I noticed decreased fine motor skills in my left hand.  It feels like my pinky and ring finger are constantly asleep or like they are cramping.  There is a bit of the tingling  numbness you get where you have kind of loss sensation from an extremity falling asleep.  Not fun.  So, I’m kind of dropping things, having trouble opening things, and having other issues using my left hand.  It has been another couple weeks now and still hasn’t improved, so I think another trip to the doctor is in order. Yipee (extreme sarcarsm)!

I did make it back to WDW this past weekend though, after the monthlong hiatus, and I don’t know if I could have asked for a better trip.  Sure, there were some bumps along the road (damn you I4 traffic *shakes fist menacingly*), and a few things didn’t exactly go as planned, but for the most part, things ended up way better than I could have ever imagined.  I think this might have to be another one of those separate post things.  So, if you are still with me, thanks for reading some goofy ramblings from me at 1am.  It is nearing two now and I think I will call it a night, but I didn’t want Nicole to wake up to just a Wordless Wednesday post from me, so this one’s for you Siscaretti, and thanks for motivating me to do my homework.  😉


2 responses

  1. I’m ticked off–here I come to visit my favorite photography blog and BAM–a bunch of words are on it.

    Haha jk of course. This has definitely been a good year so far. It was fun to recap it through a troublemakers eyes.

    April 20, 2011 at 12:13 pm

  2. Lynn

    What a great recap 🙂 You’ve had a pretty good year (despite the illness of course) and I bet your year only gets better!! How dare Nicole give you homework!! I like pictures 🙂 Your firefighters are here waiting anytime you want to come back!

    April 20, 2011 at 1:28 pm

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