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A Magical Evening

You know those friends who are there for you no matter what?  Your so-called “partners in crime” (disclaimer, none of my friends or I have committed any crimes)?  These are the friends who will do anything for you.  They come out to a very crowded theme park just to spend half an hour or so watching fireworks and a show even after they have had busy days and are beyond exhausted.  Friends like these are some of the best in the entire world.  Even when you have stupid moments and have meltdowns, they still love you.  They stand by you and support you even if you hurt each other.  You make the effort to work through whatever little things may come up between you because their friendship is one of the most valuable things in your life.  This post is a thank you letter to three of my best friends who spent an evening like this with me a couple nights ago.

As some of you may or may not realize, I do not live in the Orlando area.  I know, I’m here often enough it seems like it, but I don’t.  I actually live about an hour and a half southwest of Walt Disney World.  So, while I’m here usually 2 – 3 weekends a month, I don’t always get to do things as often as I like, for instance, watching fireworks with my friends.  It had actually been well over a month since I had been able to do this exact thing with this group of friends and specifically requested that we be able to do this soon.  Now, they all live here and are in the parks a bit more often than I am, so they can come see Wishes and the Magic, the Memories and You almost whenever they want.  This makes it an even bigger deal to me that they agree to humor me and spend such a short period of time in the park just to spend time with me.

So, we went in to see the first showing of the MM&Y, then Wishes, and moved up for the second showing of MM&Y so we could get a better view of the new holiday tag.  It was amazing!  The new additions are so beautiful and it was awesome to be able to share this moment with some of the best friends anyone could have on the planet.  Here are some of my pictures from that night.  Enjoy!


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