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Goals for the New Year

So, I’m not really big on resolutions for the New Year, but I thought I’d start out with some goals. I have a few things that I have planned that are specific goals I’d like to accomplish, like running my second 10K next weekend or going on a Disney Cruise before the year is over. Other things are just more generic areas of my life I’d like to improve.

2014 I hope will bring a bit more stability. This year has been a rocky one and there were a lot of things that I would care not to repeat. There was some great stuff too, but definitely more dark than light.

I would like to read more in the next year. I am ashamed to admit that I only completed four books, two fiction and two non in all of 2013. For someone who loves to read, was a lit major, and is certified to teach English (fun fact), this is pathetic. I know the beginning of the year is typically beyond crazy, at least through March, so I’ll try to set the bar at a realistic 10 book minimum. This should be doable with a book between now and March and then one per month for the rest of the year. I will make this happen. I just need to shift some things around.

Writing is another thing that I love that I have put on the back burner. Yes, I blog semi-regularly over at, but I would like to be more consistent in my writing both there and here. I’d also like to get back into more creative writing, which I miss dearly. I don’t think I want to put a quantitative measurement on my writing, but just do better at it than I did this year.

Along these same lines, I want to relax more. Whether that is traveling to Orlando less than the usual 2 – 3 weekends a month I currently do, or just not running around like a crazy person when I do travel I’m not sure. I need to take more time to focus on me and recharging my batteries. Tonight is a good example. I’d love to have spent New Year’s Eve with friends at a party or in the parks as I have the last couple of years, but it just doesn’t make sense. I need to listen to my body and rest more. Go to the beach more often. It is ten minutes from my house for god’s sake and I maybe get there three or four times a year. I could save a ton of time and energy and money if I didn’t travel every other weekend and maybe that’s what I need to do. Sure, I’ll miss my friends, but maybe they can come to visit me for a change.

Speaking of saving, I want, no, need, to get back on track. I can’t say how much stress comes from not having money when I need it, but let’s just say it is a lot. I can work harder to get out of debt and pay off some of those stupid bills that cause me headaches. Again, maybe not going away as often might help here.

Running for me is a bone of contention right now. I enjoy the bling, and the 5Ks are fun, but they can add up money-wise, especially for some of the Disney races. I don’t want to completely give up on running, but maybe shift away from races after February and focus more on doing it for myself and to try to get healthier. I need to not focus on how others are doing and compare myself to them when it comes to running. I’m overweight, have had major knee surgery and have asthma. These aren’t excuses, but realizations. I need to working on being a better me, not running against my friends and their accomplishments.

I want to be a better person all around. A better friend, sister, daughter, granddaughter and just a better human being. I will try to stress less over the small stuff. Focus on the good stuff. Live in the present, but respect the past while not dwelling on it. I hope we all are in for a happier and healthier 2014. Happy New Year!


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